Services and costs

All charges listed are the basic charges for the standard 12-point font, double-spaced, 250 words per-page document or manuscript. Editing one-page flyers, brochures, or resumes is a flat fee. Creating a flyer, brochure, or resume with provided information will increase the cost.

Light edit charges are $3 per page. Light edits include correcting errors in spelling, capitalization, simple grammar, and punctuation. It is usually two passes over the writing, is the most affordable of the edits I provide, and has the quickest turnaround.

Medium edit charges are $4 per page. This kind of edit includes all of the light edit mechanics as well as identifying wordy or convoluted passages and suggesting revisions. It also involves identifying terms or ideas that might be difficult for the intended audience to understand, and asking for or suggesting revisions or clarifications. This is a longer and more in-depth look at the work.

Heavy edits are $5 per page. A heavy edit includes all of the light and medium edit mechanics. It also requires written permission to revise and rewrite for clarity and understanding. Facts are checked, noted, and corrected. This edit is the most intricate of the three edits and the most expensive. It involves more research into the subject of the work, and takes longer to complete.

A consultation and a preview of the document or manuscript is necessary in order to define the kind of edit required.

Editing a work with a substantial number of footnotes, endnotes, tables, or illustrations will cost more than editing a work with minimal citations.

Indexing will need a consultation and a preview of the material. If indexing is required as part of any of the edits listed above, there may be an additional charge.

I will charge an extra $1 per standard page for typing in a work to be edited. It will be typed as is, and editing will take place in Word, using track changes. If the work is to be edited on hard copy and not typed, the light, medium, and heavy edit charges are as listed above. Hard copy documents should have sufficient space for editing marks. Editing on hard copy that has not been formatted properly can be difficult. There will be an extra charge per page, depending on the difficulty presented. Page amounts will be approximated in hand written works.

Works to be edited in other formats will be assessed before charges are finalized.

All work requires a contract.

Please check back for updates on more service offerings.


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