Updating for the Winter Season

low light photo of opened bookAlways time for a book.

There is a nice nip in the air, the wind is up during the day and the nights are definitely cooler here in Central Cali. I am heavily into the edit of a full-length fantasy novel that is proving to be very interesting! I am looking forward to the published work:)

Winter means darker evenings, which means lots of time to catch up on my reading and writing. There is a nice balance to maintain between my copy editing work, my job as a Health Aide for my local school district, my ARC work for several authors, and my own writing. Not to forget my wonderful Huckleberry and the pup, Harpo, who is nowhere near as quiet as his Marx Brother namesake.   I look at the first two like working two jobs. The ARC work is a joy with deadlines:) The writing time and time with Huck and Harpo are personal joys.

Balance is hard but doable. Being flexible is an important part of it. If I have a chance to drop everything for a special time with my guys, I take it without guilt. If I have to spend a bit of extra time doing my editing to make up for it, so be it:) They understand, well at least the human does, the pup is a bit more insistent:)

One of my favorite sayings is from Confucius.  “No matter where you go, there you are”

It reminds me to stay true to myself and to be honest with what, why and when I do what I do. I am going to be with me until the end, better to like the company than not:)


There’s working, and then there’s working:)

balance business cobblestone conceptual
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Summer is on its way out, fall is coming and work is in progress. My job as a health aide is always fun. I love helping the kids and my co-workers are fun. That is the first “working”:) My copy editing is the second “working” and while a challenge, it is the job I enjoy the most. I am currently doing a fantasy novel edit and it is going well. The author is my husband, and that has a few challenges:). I have some authors who give ARC’s to a team to read and do simple corrections in terms of spelling and minor grammar issues. Those are wonderful and so much fun to do.

I have several brochures out with my services and costs listed. I have some cards out as well. I met with one gentleman who has a book on tape he is thinking of having transcribed and edited. I am looking forward to hearing more about that.

There is a sort of third “working”. Writing. As a copy editor I run across a lot of different classes of the written word. The more I edit, the more I learn about how authors put their thoughts on paper, and work through stories. It helps a lot with my own writing. My writing also helps with my editing. I have a bit of insight into where the author is going or trying to go, and I love helping them get there:)

Until next time:)



Summer’s end:)

For a lot of the people connected to the world of education, this is almost back to work. The students have either just started school, or will be within the next week or so. Teachers are getting classrooms ready, and all of the other staff who make schools successful are getting ready for the year.

Other than copy editing, I work at a middle school as a Health Aide. I help our Nurses look after the health needs of our students. I love the work. I have done this for the last 18 years. (yup, I am old:) )

Summer was wonderful. Lots of reading and copy editing. A lot of time spent developing my business. There was a great week with my grand daughter, a trip to the Rams Training camp, and some absolutely wonderful German food at the SUPPENKÜCHE restaurant in San Francisco with our best buds.

Now, hopefully, the weather will start to cool down. Although, with our temps here still hanging in the 104-106 range during the day, that may not happen very fast. At least the evenings are cooling a little bit.

So, goodbye to my lazy days of Summer, and hello to my working days of Fall. If life is about anything, it is about change:)


What to do, what to do:)

person writing on white bookFor some people, summer is a relaxing away time from work. For others, it is the same routine just hotter (or colder). For me, it is a time away from my regular job, a time to work on getting my editing business off the ground, and a time to enjoy friends and family. To that end, we have some plans! Camping with Grandkidlets and friends, a few days in the wonderful San Francisco and just downtime to spend quality time with Huckleberry and the pup. Oh, and a chance to read like a crazy!! My other blog goes into books, book reviews, and food for those watching carb intake.

Getting a business off the ground is difficult and time-consuming. Researching tips online can reap a lot of good ideas, but it all takes time to implement. In the end it seems to be a numbers game—much like Time Share sales:) The more information you put out there, and the more contacts you make, the more likely some sort of positive response will be returned! So, I am sending brochures to the local businesses and putting ads in newspapers. With some of the brochures I am sending a “freebie” of sorts, pointing out a typo or two in their flyers or web content. We will see if that is too pushy or not:) On the work in progress side, I am still editing Huckleberry’s book. Fairly easy edit, as the authors are teachers, but their focus was on the story and it’s development, not spelling or grammar:) and things do change. He is also looking to self-publish. That is why there will be an addition to my site pages. One that is devoted to information about publishing and self-publishing, and the pitfalls thereof. I am hoping at some point that my business will not only be copy editing, but a place authors can go to get help and guidance, from the concept and development of their vision, to the finished and published product. That means more classes for me, and that is something I always enjoy!

Summer is coming

banking business checklist commerce
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Here we go, summer is a’comin! This is a good time of year for us. Our dog isn’t sad in the mornings anymore, I can get work done in a non-frantic way, and we can focus a bit more on family.

I have started work on Huckleberry’s book. It is a fantasy novel, and pretty darn good:) (I may be a touched biased) When he asked me to do this, seeing as that is what I do, I wasn’t sure I was going to take it on.  I asked a couple of people I commune with on a CE list, and the overall feeling was-nope-don’t go there. I can understand that, creative works seem to trigger the same protective instincts in authors and artists as children do to parents. When I brought this up to Huckleberry, he assured me he was not so tied to the story that he couldn’t take some input.

(ahem, cough, cough) I don’t believe that for a red hot second either. It wouldn’t be down on paper if he wasn’t tied to it! But, I am doing it so we will see what happens. It will be a learning experience for both of us to be sure.

FOOD in the summer is a little easier for us carb-free peeps. Lots of salads and BBQs and we can eat that till the cows come home, no pun intended:) Desserts get a little easier too, with fruits coming into season. Next time I will have some recipes for those of you who follow to get the carb reduced stuff.