On the road.

Ok. Change of pace for us. We left Susanville and Huckleberry’s job at the prison there and headed out on the road. We have a huge tent, a T4 Hub gazelle, and all the fixings for successful camping. We have a utility trailer for everything and a new transmission in the Chrysler. After camping in California, Oregon, Tennessee, and a several thousand mile trip across country we are here in Suffield. Beautiful place. We have a glamp in Heath Massachusetts and are visiting with friends here. Life is better, we are relaxed and healthy! More later:)

Snow and snow!

white and black tree illustration
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My first real snow since I left Canada in ’98. It was crazy, cold, and made the purchase of better tires a necessity. We tried to get the car out of the garage, but no go. So, we walked in the snow, or rather slogged our way through the snow, to buy cables. Long walk. But the cables worked to get us where we needed to go, and get Huckleberry to work the next morning. Of course, the cables broke on his way home as there were some roads that where clear. So, a 6 hour wait at the local Les Shwab, and we are driving on two all-weather tires and getting around much better. Speaking of Les Shwab, they are wonderful!!! We called at 3, when H came home and they got us in line right away even though they would have to work until 7 or 8 in the evening to fit us in. The lady at the desk, said she didn’t want to leave us stranded. The guys working on huge line of cars were all very nice, understanding, and helpful. I would recommend them anytime:)

So, the deer are still wandering in and out of the yard, looking for any dropped apples. The quail family is in and out as well, pecking apples and the seed I have out for them. Harpo, our cocker mix is having a great time in all of the snow, chasing whatever he can see. We are careful with the deer though, those little hooves are very sharp. He gets to bark at them through the window only.

Christmas is coming fast. Presents are on there way to family and friends, minus the ones I will take when we visit. Most of those are homemade jams and jellies from our apple tree and grapevines. I have some pretty, holiday patterned mini bakers that will have a nice loaf of homemade gingerbread for gifts as well. They will make a nice basket:)

Ok, next update should have more about the work I am doing. Till then, be safe and happy:)

Settling in Susanville

concrete road between trees
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Pretty well settling in to life here in Susanville:) What a beautiful area! We attended our first Rails to Trails celebration. That was cool. They have several miles of what used to be Railway access turned into pretty hiking trails. We went about 2 miles in, then turned around. The little festival that goes with this celebration was pure small town and so enjoyable! A delish Chili cook-off, lots of information about the local history and about the museum, and an old train depot with a working hand-pumped rail car. The kids loved it!

Beginning in November I will start advertising my copy editing business. Although much of what I do is online, I like to advertise locally as well. I am preparing new flyers and business cards with my new address and phone number. Small batches. I have thrown away a good number of business cards and flyers with the old contact information and it seemed not quite right to have incorrect information on a card about copy editing:)  Live and learn:) I will join the local Chamber of Commerce as well.

So many new things, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

Until next post!

Summer time:)

photo of sunflower
Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Summer began with a strange combination of heat, cool, thunder, lightning, wind, rain, and hail. Now, the more typical heat has hit with a vengeance:) 103 today. Summer is also the time for me to concentrate on my copyediting and writing. My full time job as a Health Aide in our school district takes up a lot of my energy during the school year.

Now I have time to attend online classes to boost my skills, concentrate on editing and writing, and enjoy time with my Huckleberry and my pup:) I also hope to keep up with this blog — although I have mentioned that before — and add more information on the author help page.

Applying for freelance jobs online has been an experience. The advice from everyone and their uncle says to keep trying and I know I have to, but wow…companies seem to want the stars and the moon available at little cost. One job worked out to be 4 standard pages of edited work for $6. That is (oh pfffttt I hate math) $1.50 per page of finished work. How much editing it would take to get to that finished product is anyone’s guess.

I love copyediting so the search will go on:) I can gripe in private, or (LOL) on here apparently!

Meanwhile, I have a fantasy work I am editing, and a small novella I am writing. I really find writing helps with copyediting and vice versa.

Till next update:)

2019 begins!

uphoto of planner and writing materials Welcoming in the New Year with bang! Small bang, actually:) We decided to do a quiet Christmas and New Year. Trouble with the car meant no long trips, so we mailed a bunch of presents to the kidlets, and the kidlets kidlets, and called to wish them Happy Holidays. Our celebration was wine and cheese and snuggles:)

January so far means the potential of new work for an author who wants to submit articles to some journals, working on my Huckleberry’s fantasy novel, and keeping up with my own writing. I just received my business license in the mail for this year, and next month I should be able to join our local Chamber of Commerce:) Hopefully that will generate some income for me and mine.

Good news from a fellow blogger too! Helen Power has had some great success with her short stories, and articles published in 2018:) Congratulations to her on her success.

New Year resolutions — I don’t usually have them. Or if I have them I make a point to break them as soon as possible so that stress isn’t hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles. This year I am just going to try to do better. Better with my eating habits, better with exercise, better with time management, and better with writing and editing. I certainly can’t be doing any worse!!!! I will start with making this blog happen with more frequency:)

“And remember, no matter where you go, there you are” Confucius

Be careful with yourself, you matter:)