Tranquility Editing is here to help authors of all kinds communicate with their audience in an effective and meaningful way.


The signs, posters, flyers, and brochures you use to advertise your business, or activities at your business, are representations of you. To be effective they need to be clear, concise, and easily understood.


To an author, a full-length novel, short story, or testimonial is a work of the heart. Having an editor or copy editor go through it and make changes, even minor ones, can be a difficult process. For me, an edit is a journey with the author. I am there to make sure the vision the author has is communicated to the intended audience clearly, concisely, and with all of the author’s voice and nuance.

What kind of author are you?

Maybe you are happiest communicating your thoughts and ideas in other ways. Letters to the editor on topics you find important and timely. Web content to express your individuality or ideas. All that content can be quickly edited to make sure there are no mistakes in the mechanical issues so you can concentrate on the overall idea and purpose of your presentation.

Let’s start a journey today!