Snow and snow!

white and black tree illustration
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My first real snow since I left Canada in ’98. It was crazy, cold, and made the purchase of better tires a necessity. We tried to get the car out of the garage, but no go. So, we walked in the snow, or rather slogged our way through the snow, to buy cables. Long walk. But the cables worked to get us where we needed to go, and get Huckleberry to work the next morning. Of course, the cables broke on his way home as there were some roads that where clear. So, a 6 hour wait at the local Les Shwab, and we are driving on two all-weather tires and getting around much better. Speaking of Les Shwab, they are wonderful!!! We called at 3, when H came home and they got us in line right away even though they would have to work until 7 or 8 in the evening to fit us in. The lady at the desk, said she didn’t want to leave us stranded. The guys working on huge line of cars were all very nice, understanding, and helpful. I would recommend them anytime:)

So, the deer are still wandering in and out of the yard, looking for any dropped apples. The quail family is in and out as well, pecking apples and the seed I have out for them. Harpo, our cocker mix is having a great time in all of the snow, chasing whatever he can see. We are careful with the deer though, those little hooves are very sharp. He gets to bark at them through the window only.

Christmas is coming fast. Presents are on there way to family and friends, minus the ones I will take when we visit. Most of those are homemade jams and jellies from our apple tree and grapevines. I have some pretty, holiday patterned mini bakers that will have a nice loaf of homemade gingerbread for gifts as well. They will make a nice basket:)

Ok, next update should have more about the work I am doing. Till then, be safe and happy:)

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