Settling in Susanville

concrete road between trees
Photo by Craig Adderley on

Pretty well settling in to life here in Susanville:) What a beautiful area! We attended our first Rails to Trails celebration. That was cool. They have several miles of what used to be Railway access turned into pretty hiking trails. We went about 2 miles in, then turned around. The little festival that goes with this celebration was pure small town and so enjoyable! A delish Chili cook-off, lots of information about the local history and about the museum, and an old train depot with a working hand-pumped rail car. The kids loved it!

Beginning in November I will start advertising my copy editing business. Although much of what I do is online, I like to advertise locally as well. I am preparing new flyers and business cards with my new address and phone number. Small batches. I have thrown away a good number of business cards and flyers with the old contact information and it seemed not quite right to have incorrect information on a card about copy editing:)  Live and learn:) I will join the local Chamber of Commerce as well.

So many new things, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

Until next post!

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