Summer time:)

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Summer began with a strange combination of heat, cool, thunder, lightning, wind, rain, and hail. Now, the more typical heat has hit with a vengeance:) 103 today. Summer is also the time for me to concentrate on my copyediting and writing. My full time job as a Health Aide in our school district takes up a lot of my energy during the school year.

Now I have time to attend online classes to boost my skills, concentrate on editing and writing, and enjoy time with my Huckleberry and my pup:) I also hope to keep up with this blog — although I have mentioned that before — and add more information on the author help page.

Applying for freelance jobs online has been an experience. The advice from everyone and their uncle says to keep trying and I know I have to, but wow…companies seem to want the stars and the moon available at little cost. One job worked out to be 4 standard pages of edited work for $6. That is (oh pfffttt I hate math) $1.50 per page of finished work. How much editing it would take to get to that finished product is anyone’s guess.

I love copyediting so the search will go on:) I can gripe in private, or (LOL) on here apparently!

Meanwhile, I have a fantasy work I am editing, and a small novella I am writing. I really find writing helps with copyediting and vice versa.

Till next update:)

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