2019 begins!

uphoto of planner and writing materials Welcoming in the New Year with bang! Small bang, actually:) We decided to do a quiet Christmas and New Year. Trouble with the car meant no long trips, so we mailed a bunch of presents to the kidlets, and the kidlets kidlets, and called to wish them Happy Holidays. Our celebration was wine and cheese and snuggles:)

January so far means the potential of new work for an author who wants to submit articles to some journals, working on my Huckleberry’s fantasy novel, and keeping up with my own writing. I just received my business license in the mail for this year, and next month I should be able to join our local Chamber of Commerce:) Hopefully that will generate some income for me and mine.

Good news from a fellow blogger too! Helen Power has had some great success with her short stories, and articles published in 2018:) Congratulations to her on her success.

New Year resolutions — I don’t usually have them. Or if I have them I make a point to break them as soon as possible so that stress isn’t hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles. This year I am just going to try to do better. Better with my eating habits, better with exercise, better with time management, and better with writing and editing. I certainly can’t be doing any worse!!!! I will start with making this blog happen with more frequency:)

“And remember, no matter where you go, there you are” Confucius

Be careful with yourself, you matter:)


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