There’s working, and then there’s working:)

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Summer is on its way out, fall is coming and work is in progress. My job as a health aide is always fun. I love helping the kids and my co-workers are fun. That is the first “working”:) My copy editing is the second “working” and while a challenge, it is the job I enjoy the most. I am currently doing a fantasy novel edit and it is going well. The author is my husband, and that has a few challenges:). I have some authors who give ARC’s to a team to read and do simple corrections in terms of spelling and minor grammar issues. Those are wonderful and so much fun to do.

I have several brochures out with my services and costs listed. I have some cards out as well. I met with one gentleman who has a book on tape he is thinking of having transcribed and edited. I am looking forward to hearing more about that.

There is a sort of third “working”. Writing. As a copy editor I run across a lot of different classes of the written word. The more I edit, the more I learn about how authors put their thoughts on paper, and work through stories. It helps a lot with my own writing. My writing also helps with my editing. I have a bit of insight into where the author is going or trying to go, and I love helping them get there:)

Until next time:)



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