Summer’s end:)

For a lot of the people connected to the world of education, this is almost back to work. The students have either just started school, or will be within the next week or so. Teachers are getting classrooms ready, and all of the other staff who make schools successful are getting ready for the year.

Other than copy editing, I work at a middle school as a Health Aide. I help our Nurses look after the health needs of our students. I love the work. I have done this for the last 18 years. (yup, I am old:) )

Summer was wonderful. Lots of reading and copy editing. A lot of time spent developing my business. There was a great week with my grand daughter, a trip to the Rams Training camp, and some absolutely wonderful German food at the SUPPENKÜCHE restaurant in San Francisco with our best buds.

Now, hopefully, the weather will start to cool down. Although, with our temps here still hanging in the 104-106 range during the day, that may not happen very fast. At least the evenings are cooling a little bit.

So, goodbye to my lazy days of Summer, and hello to my working days of Fall. If life is about anything, it is about change:)


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