Summer is coming

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Here we go, summer is a’comin! This is a good time of year for us. Our dog isn’t sad in the mornings anymore, I can get work done in a non-frantic way, and we can focus a bit more on family.

I have started work on Huckleberry’s book. It is a fantasy novel, and pretty darn good:) (I may be a touched biased) When he asked me to do this, seeing as that is what I do, I wasn’t sure I was going to take it on.  I asked a couple of people I commune with on a CE list, and the overall feeling was-nope-don’t go there. I can understand that, creative works seem to trigger the same protective instincts in authors and artists as children do to parents. When I brought this up to Huckleberry, he assured me he was not so tied to the story that he couldn’t take some input.

(ahem, cough, cough) I don’t believe that for a red hot second either. It wouldn’t be down on paper if he wasn’t tied to it! But, I am doing it so we will see what happens. It will be a learning experience for both of us to be sure.

FOOD in the summer is a little easier for us carb-free peeps. Lots of salads and BBQs and we can eat that till the cows come home, no pun intended:) Desserts get a little easier too, with fruits coming into season. Next time I will have some recipes for those of you who follow to get the carb reduced stuff.

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