With diabetes but without meds:)

A little off topic, but very much part of life. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes about 7 years or so ago. I imagine he had it for quite some time before he was diagnosed. Health care expenses and all that:( America, we don’t do that stuff very well.

Anyway, when he retired he decided that the meds were going to be way too expensive even with insurance thanks to that stupidly named “donut hole”. That is where the insurance doesn’t pay anymore, and you pay full price for the meds. That happened at about month 5 for us, even with a big monthly payment for the insurance.

So, no meds. That meant an abrupt change in lifestyle in regards to food. As low in carbs as we could get. No sugar. Exercise like mad:) He lost 30 pounds, walks 10 miles a day or more and we consume less than 20 carbs a day.

I remember going into the kitchen after the discussion about no meds anymore and going through all of the cupboards to get rid of any of our carb foods. Bread, bagels, cereal, crackers, pasta. It is amazing how life is geared to carb consumption! Almost all of the fast food and even the nice restaurants are carb loaded. Advertising is amazingly high carb.

My hubby experimented with a lot of cooking ingredients and styles in order to satisfy our appetites while keeping as low in carbs and sugars as possible. He is pretty amazing and we eat very well:)

Dinner last night was a chicken stir fry with zoodles (zucchini spirals) in with chicken and some frozen veges and a great sauce. We thicken our sauces with chia seeds. They work really well. For dessert we have whipped cream cheese with blueberries warmed up and folded in the cream cheese. It is delicious!

There are lots of books about low carb and low sugar recipes, but not low enough for no diabetes meds at all. We have found the keto stuff to be a great source of food ideas for us. Costco also has some great protein bars that are a net 4 carbs. Great snack, or dessert on occasion. There are also low carb peanut butters out there if you look and some low carb bread that my hubby loves, but I can do without:) We mostly just don’t eat bread, low carb or not.

Zoodles of all kinds replace pasta. Tomorrow we are experimenting with no carb chili, which is not as hard as it might sound. The tomatoes are going to be a challenge but I will post the recipe here if it turns out:) I know it starts with ground turkey because I spied it out to defrost in the fridge!

More later. I hope:)

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