Well, daily it isn’t

Well,  did I say I was going to do this every morning before work? Yes, yes I did, and no, no I didn’t do this every morning before work:) Woke up late, and didn’t have time. Best laid plans and all that. I will try harder.

It is now almost midnight, so that might count as first thing in the morning if I stay here long enough! Earlier, I had a message from an author I read. Her book was pirated and on a site for way less money than it was on her official site, and that can cause a huge price drop. Something about comparison pricing. So, all of her readers headed over to the pirated book and left a review that stated no one should buy this because it was a pirated copy. Took about 3 hours and the copy up and disappeared! Great news for the author and pretty empowering for her loyal readers. Piracy of books, music and movies is still a huge problem, although I think it is getting a bit better. There is now some sort of digital thumbprint on the copies that can show where they came from, at least in the movie theaters. I heard they can actually trace the phone that recorded the movie illegally. That and patrons are policing cell phone use in theaters. It drives me crazy when I am sitting watching a movie and someones phone is shining, or flashing. Movie etiquette needs to be taught at school for pete’s sake, and for my sake apparently:)

It seems like people, not all people to be sure, have this small bubble around them and for some crazy reason think that what happens in their personal bubble is not apparent to anyone outside of it. That can make observing an interesting pastime:)

OK, I am out for now. My bed is calling me.

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