The Journey Begins

Writing is difficult. It involves certain amounts of both vulnerability and strength to put your thoughts, your story, on view for all to see. The process from writing to publishing is long and has many paths. For a lot of us, being an avid reader is part of being a great writer. When my children were young they were involved in a D.E.A.R program—Drop Everything And Read—that was very successful at school and at home. At a sometimes surprise announcement over the school intercom, all students and teachers were informed it was D.E.A.R time. Everyone would stop what they were doing/teaching and read for fifteen minutes. Student could read what they liked, and a lot of them brought comics or magazines for their fifteen minutes. I loved that idea and copied it for home. With slightly less success, but still it was a great bonding time and a great time to see the kinds of reading material my kids would pick. For the most part they have stayed readers in their adult lives, although now I have less info about what they read, and that may be a good thing:)


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